He aha tā mātou moemoea?

Vision, Mission & Values

Find out more about Ngāti Awa Social and Health Services, our vision, mission, and values.

“Ko Ngati Awa te toki tangatanga i te ra, ngohengohe i te wai.”

“Ngati Awa the adze whose bindings will not be weakened under the rays of the sun or drops of rain.”

Our Vision

Te Pou Mataaho

Optimum Health and Wellbeing

Our Mission

To achieve prosperity and wellbeing for our whānau and our communities we serve through a high performing organisation

Tikanga & Values

What’s Important To Us


What You Will See

Our identity and heritage are paramount

  • Ko au, ko koe, Ko Ngāti Awa
  • Commit to Te Pou Mataaho wānanga & noho marae

The protection of our taonga

  • Daily practice of Ngāti Awatanga, tikanga, kawa, reo, karakia, pātere and waiata

United in purpose

  • Working collaboratively within and across teams
  • Rowing together in the one direction

Growth and achievement

  • Prioritise professional development
  • Working smarter
  • Acknowledging and celebrating achievements

The pursuit of excellence

  • Not just meeting but exceeding KPIs
  • Stepping up and taking ownership and accountability and leading by example

Caring for whānau

  • Whakarongo, whakarongo, whakarongo
  • Caring for whānau by demonstrating empathy and understanding

Love and respect for people

  • Respecting tuākana and tēina roles in our relationships. Caring for ourselves and our whanau
  • Deepening our relationships and connections through the daily practice of our tikanga

Strong respectful relationships

  • Whakaiti, demonstrating humility and compassion in both attitude and actions

Hope for a promising future

  • Collaborate and work in partnership with others to make a difference in the
    outcomes for our whanau and communities

Peaceful and mindful of each other

  • Respectful and mindful of each other’s roles and workloads
  • Share knowledge and information openly and honestly

Enduring faith in our beliefs

  • Keeping the faith to ensure our attitude and actions enhance the mana of others


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