Emergency Housing

Supporting whānau with tamariki who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless into short term accommodation is the aim of this service. We also assist whānau to find permanent housing and keep it.

About this Service

Short term emergency housing is available to those who have tamariki in their care requiring emergency housing support. You must work with our service and be actively looking for alternative accommodation while in emergency housing.

Emergency housing supports those whānau with tamariki who are homeless or at risk of being homeless and require emergency housing support. Whānau must actively be looking for housing and must work with our Supported Housing Service which will work with you as you seek housing and help you to gain skills that will ensure you retain the housing you find. Referrals can be made to other services that will help address any other social, health or education needs.

Service Features

  • supports whānau with tamariki into short term accommodation
  • assists whānau in their endeavour to find permanent housing
  • enables whānau to connect with services that will help them gain skills that ensures when they leave emergency accommodation, they are able to retain the new house they found

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