Family Wellbeing: Social Work

The service aims to ensure tamariki and rangatahi are safe and socialised with a strong sense of identity and wellbeing. At the same time the service works with whānau to ensure they are equipped to care for and protect their tamariki and rangatahi.

About this Service

This service can work with whanau to assist them in their day to day care of their tamariki and rangatahi. It can also work with rangatahi referred from Oranga Tamariki.

Social work support can be provided to whanau to assist them to care for and protect their tamariki and rangatahi. There is also opportunity to provide social work support to tamariki/rangatahi and their whānau to achieve identified goals.

Service Features

This service will:

  • support whānau to achieve goals they have identified to ensure they are able to manage the day to day care of their tamariki and rangatahi
  • support the social, emotional, cultural, spiritual and physical wellbeing of tamariki and their whānau
  • assist and foster positive parent/caregiver/guardian/whānau relationships with their tamariki
  • supports whānau with referrals to services or agencies when appropriate
  • helps tamariki and their whānau to identify and develop protective factors which enhance resiliency and keep tamariki safe
  • provides appropriate coordination support when tamariki and/or their whānau require a multi-agency approach

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