Asthma Management Service

Maintaining good respiratory health is a crucial part of achieving optimum health and wellbeing. This service will support you to achieve and maintain good respiratory health.

About this Service

The Asthma Management Service supports clients to improve and manage their asthma and respiratory conditions. This service supports the client and their whānau to manage their condition so that they may maintain optimum health and wellbeing. The service supports general practice to help clients better manage the condition they have been diagnosed with.

Education is a key part of the service which helps clients and whānau manage their respiratory conditions. Ensuring clients and their whānau are aware of what is happening to them and their health, and can implement solutions that supports them to manage their health condition, is a key focus of the service.

The service is available to anyone who has been diagnosed with asthma, COPD or a respiratory and requires support to help keep it under control. Referrals are accepted from general practitioners, other health and social services, whānau and self.

Service Features

  • Diagnosis, treatment, medication advice and education
  • Assessment of asthma and respiratory conditions
  • Development of self-management plans with clients and their whānau
  • Spirometry tests
  • Follow-up home visits and support to clients discharged from hospital
  • Provide education, advice and information to client and whānau
  • Liaise with other health professionals, agencies and services
  • Refer to other services that will support the respiratory health of clients
  • Presentations to community groups and health professionals

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“My nurse is lovely, she gave me an incentive to continue with my care plan and gave me more knowledge.”

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