Incredible Years Parent Programme

Incredible Years Parent Programme (IYP) is a 14-session programme for parents of children aged 3–8, which provides parents with skills to better manage children with behavioural problems, creating a home environment that is conducive to positive social and educational outcomes.

About this Service

IYP aims to reduce challenging behaviours in young children, while increasing their social and self-control skills. These behavioural changes help children to engage in learning. The programme works by helping parents/caregivers learn effective child management strategies.

Parents/caregivers come together each week for 2.5 hours and develop approaches to use at home with problem behaviours such as aggressiveness, ongoing tantrums, and acting out behaviour, such as swearing, whining, yelling, hitting and kicking, answering back, and refusing to follow rules.

Service Features

The programme looks at:

  • making time to play and spend quality time with children and letting children lead the play
  • encouraging the behaviours parents would like to see, through setting clear rules and boundaries and using praise and encouragement
  • selectively using consequences, such as ignoring, loss of privilege, and time out
  • parents developing non-aggressive strategies to manage behaviour
  • parents learning self-calming strategies to model to their children.

Parents learn from each other and support each other.

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“I learnt a lot of strategies to help me communicate with my children and deal with them when they get frustrated.”

Sourced from Incredible Years Programme One 2019 Parent Feedback


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