Supported Housing

Supporting whānau in emergency accommodation to move into permanent accommodation, be financially stable and make appropriate decision is the focus of this service. Support is available up to 3 months after you have left emergency accommodation.

About this Service

To access supported housing, you must be a whānau with tamariki or rangatahi. Supported housing seeks to support tamariki, rangatahi and their whānau that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and to enable them to:

  • achieve permanent accommodation
  • achieve financial stability and independence
  • be in a position to make decisions about life choices for the whānau

Service Features

Support provided to whānau while in emergency accommodation may include:

  • counselling to empower whānau in making decisions;
  • budget advice in order that whānau are able to better provide for themselves – this may include referral to specialised budget services
  • social work support to link whānau into their community and to support with any whānau issues; and
  • support to settle into long-term tenancy

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