Bay of Plenty Facilitation Service

This service is specifically for former sawmill workers who may have been exposed to PCP and other hazardous chemicals, and who are living in the Bay of Plenty.

About this Service

The hub of this health support service for former sawmill workers is an annual health check and coordination of access to existing health and social support services. Not only does the service work with former sawmill workers, it also works with clinicians such as GPs to provide information that enables a better service for those accessing primary health care services or specialist services.

The focus of the service is to provide a holistic support service to former sawmill workers and their whānau that improves and/or maintains their health and wellbeing.

Service Features

  • Coordination of services to improve access to services already available
  • Assist clients to access the free annual health check.
  • Assist clients to access referral services including physical activity programmes, nutrition advice, mental health counselling, smoking cessation service, alcohol and drug counselling.
  • Provide information to former sawmill workers that contributes to an improvement in health outcomes, including benefit entitlements, transport options,
  • Provide advocacy and support for clients accessing general practice, specialist services, Work and Income services, social and health services, medical appliances (e.g. shower alterations, wheelchairs) and medical equipment.
  • Preventative focus, aiming to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the impact of modifiable risk factors such as smoking and support the early detection of diseases.
  • Provide a weekly day programmes to increase socialisation of clients and reduce isolation, and encourage clients to be mentally, spiritually and physically active.
  • Referring patients on to other services such as smoking cessation services, physical activity programmes, nutrition advice, mental health counselling and genetic counselling.

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