Whakamanahia te Waiū

Breastfeeding Support

Celebrating the Essence of Life

Free expert help and support with breastfeeding for all Māmā and Pēpi in the Eastern Bay of Plenty

About this Service

This service provides Māmā, Pēpi and Whānau with breastfeeding support from pregnancy to weaning – and everything in between. Our Community Breastfeeding Specialist and Kaiāwhina will help you with solutions that work for you, whether you have a problem with breastfeeding or just need some awhi and tautoko.

Our service can help you with common difficulties with breastfeeding: painful feeding, milk supply concerns, baby’s growth, prem babies, twins, fussy babies, medical conditions, or any query you have.

Services are delivered using a Kaupapa Māori model of care in a manner which is appropriate for you. Referrals can be made by your Midwife, Tamariki Ora Nurse, Plunket, GP or you can contact us directly.

We will provide support by kanohi ki te kanohi / home visits, wānanga or group sessions, classes, clinics, or phone/text/facebook/messenger.

Service Features

  • Free breastfeeding support for Māmā, Pēpi and Whānau
  • From pregnancy to weaning
  • Home visits, Classes, Clinics, Phone, Text, Facebook
  • Expert and Peer support and tautoko
  • A Kaupapa Māori service model for all
  • Referrals by Midwife, Nurse, Plunket, GP or you

Whakapā mai

Contact Us

If you would like information about this service, please reach out to our friendly team via the contact page.

“A beautiful new service that supports and encourages mama to enjoy the physical, cultural and spiritual connection to their newborn Pepi through breastfeeding. How awesome.”

Sourced from Facebook Page: Feedback 2019

Whakamanahia te Waiū

The name Whakamanahia te Waiū acknowledges the spiritual, emotional, cultural and social process associated with the physical act of breastfeeding. Waiū is therefore viewed as the Essence of Life.

The logo, designed by Kim Rameka, is a stunning image depicting the connection of Māmā and Pēpi to each other and to Papatuanuku and their environment.


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